Direct Kosher was established to fill a gap in the Kosher certification market. Prior to our inception, companies seeking Kosher certification were required to approach individual certifying agencies and endure the exhausting application process multiple times, before settling on a suitable agency.

We sought to streamline this process and reduce the time and effort expended by doing the legwork for you.

Direct Kosher are brokers, who aim to find you the best Kosher certifying agency suited to both your product and your budget.

We know how difficult it is to find the right Kosher certifying agency. To that end, we have teamed up with the top global certifiers to bring you your tailor-made Kosher certificate, hassle-free and at favourable rates exclusive to us.

It gets better yet. At Direct Kosher, we offer completely free advice and there are no brokerage fees when signing a contract.

Our friendly team is composed of Rabbis and research chemists with PhD degrees, technical advisors and Kosher auditors with decades of experience.

Not only will you be saving money, but we will be helping you through every step of the process with our vast knowledge and with utmost transparency.


Frequently Asked Questions

When getting Kosher certified, there are three basic certification grades you can achieve:

1. Kosher Parev – Basic-level kosher. This is the level of kosher certification taken by the majority of Kosher-certified companies and it covers products which are neither meat or dairy derived.

2. Kosher Passover – Passover-certified materials are at the highest level of Kosher certification. The product is qualified for year-round consumption, including Passover. We will be happy to advise regarding this status.

3. Kosher Dairy – Dairy derived products can be given kosher certification. Please contact us for more details and other dairy Kosher solutions.

4. Kosher Batch Production – Under certain circumstances, Kosher certification can only be issued when production has been supervised from beginning to end. We will be happy to advise.

Many companies with existing Kosher certification approach us. This can be for a number of reasons:

  • They feel that they are paying too much for their kosher certificate.
  • Initial costs have spiralled due to additional audits.
  • They are simply unhappy with the service provided by their current Kosher certifier.

At Direct Kosher, we do not encourage switching from one certifying agency to another. We can, however, step in and offer impartial advice on how to proceed, no matter your predicament. We maintain relationships with all major Kosher certifiers and will be happy to mediate and negotiate your requirements.

Products derived from certain  types of fish may qualify for certification.

Bees honey also qualifies.

Products derived from other animals, including beef, chicken and seafood do not fall within the scope of our activities.

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