Kosher expertise!

At Direct Kosher, we have been offering Kosher advice and solutions for many years. Popular sectors for consultations are flavor manufacturers and chemical producers.

We offer a service tailor-made to your requirements, which includes prompt responses to your questions.

Many companies choose us to maintain their Kosher raw materials database. Companies with many raw materials or complex processing procedures, may find it challenging to keep the existing Kosher status intact.

We can ensure that your raw materials database meets your certifier requirements.

This service enables you to have all your Kosher documentation up to date, and access any Kosher-related information when required, with utmost efficiency. 

Retainer fee

This option is suitable for companies who require ongoing advice throughout the year.

Case by Case

This option allows companies to request resolution of occasional problems.

All our work is done under strict confidentiality, with the  correct privacy agreements in place.

Helping you at every stage

We Have The Knowledge

Improve business performance with Kosher consultation!